Firms in the oil extraction from seed industry can play a key role in tackling UK carbon emissions, it is claimed.

According to expert Richard Griffin, for too long the focus for energy efficiency has been on heat and the retention of it, Bioenergy Insight reports.

Mr Griffin goes on to explain that electricity is where the real carbon savings can be made, and using biofuels such as rapeseed oil to power buildings is a tried and tested way of achieving reductions.

He added: "There's a pure and natural renewable fuel widely available right on our doorstop in the form of rapeseed oil.

"It can be grown as a break crop using set-aside land so it really does have no impact on the food chain, other than [giving] the farming industry a much-needed boost."

Rapeseed processing firms were recently told that supply of the crop from UK growers should remain strong, despite unseasonably dry weather in the last two months.

Typical Guttridge equipment used in the oil extraction from seed industry includes:

Elevatorsbucket elevatorsvalves

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